Chief Theater

Cultural Icon

Built in 1927 the Chief Theater has been a cultural icon in the downtown Steamboat Springs landscape for almost 100 years. First built for “talkies” the venue welcomed Vaudeville acts from around the country, has served as a movie theater and most recently was home for comedy, music, opera, theater and more..


Local Organizations:
Steamboat Symphony Orchestra
Opera Steamboat
Steamboat Dance Theater
Elevation Dance
Community Dance

National and International

Visual Art installations
Film Festivals
Gaming Events


Chief Theater Historic Building Restoration
Create a vibrant and affordable performance space for local performing arts nonprofits first and foremost then programming national and international acts around those.

Community Benefits

  • Renovate a historic building on Main Street that has been shuttered for 4 years
  • Intimate performance space in the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs
  • Encourages people to dine and shop before performances and activate bars and music venues after performances
  • Brings in sales tax revenue for the city

Facility Design and Capacity

  • Collaborate with local historical preservation organizations
  • Secure historic building designation at state and local levels
  • Consider both historical authenticity and modern functionality in design
  • 350 seat theater with flat floor and collapsible seating to function as both a performance and event space
  • Engage local contractors when possible

Funding Opportunities: Historic preservation grants, arts and culture grants, donations, sponsorships, memberships, ticketing.